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​About Us

Vivid Lighting Solution is a lighting maintenance company that specializes in meeting the needs of our customers.  Our certified lighting technicians  produce quality work from start to finish.

Update your facilities lamps today to new technology that delivers high-efficiency performance with improved lighting quality saving you both time and money.

Certified Senior Lighting Technician Ready to Service 

Group Relamping

Lamp & Ballast Replacement

LED Conversion

Lighting Retrofits

Night Inspections

Recycling Compliance

Special Certification


A Customer Said...

I would highly recommend Vivid Lighting Solutions to other businesses, family, and friends as they have helped me bring a new look to my own store! You can rely on both professionalism and quality of work from start to finish of a project. I am looking forward to working with them more in the near future. 

Terry Hall - Satisfied Customer and Business Owner

Vivid Lighting Solutions LLC

1222 Adams Ct

Alton, IL 62002



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